What is real right beginning?

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It is clear In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth is the 1ST WORD

The earth was without form and void, and darkness was up on the face of the deep: and the Spirit of God was moving over the faceoff water. It is thesecond word.

We no one can able to understand how long times it takes between these two days.

Then next, God said,” Let there be lighting”

So for any one of us getting lighting is the foremost event in our life.

Who is light?Where it comes from? The answer is ‘JESUS CAME FROM HEAVEN’ says “I am the light”. He is already there in the beginning. He is the beginning of beginning.

What is next..

God separate light and darkness. That is when one who got light then he should be separated away from darkness. There is no relationship between light and darkness. Then he will be a separate group in God’s Kingdom. Without this begging we cannot reach the second step.

What is next?

Again GODseparatesthe Heaven.It explains the External separation to the final days. So there is a layer of water inthe high as said in Psalms 148-4,“Praise him you highest heaven s and you water above the heaven!”

What is next?

God separate the water in the land and found Seas and land.

What is the Truth here means,

We were in the beginning without form and void and then came light.He the Lord doesn’t want to keep us without form and void.  Who can change? They themselves cannot be changed. Only the God almighty can able to do so. Suppose when God commanded to separate if they don’t obey then what would happen? then as such no improvement and without form and void it will be..

Then what?

We should obey the Lord commands always, not here and there but completely .Then there will be light and darkness form and void here and there would leave. So the first thing as soon as we get light is obeying God’s word, which is the best beginning. These nature were not got any opinion from others- nature can I have to obey to Lord is it good for me such that. If god says no other option is the good beginning.

Then in every word in the beginning while creation of earth, You can see..  And God said… …And   it was so… And God saw that it was good..


It should be in our life.  Ask God to be speak with us .. Ourobedient.. Then good to say it is good

For every things after His creation God saw it is GOOD ,butwhen after his creation of human He saw it is very good Gene-1.31.

So God prepare everything for human, later He created human .Therefore, before God create you He would have already taken all steps you needed dear friend in Jesus, God will remove all your situation of without form and void immediately.

Please don’t worry; He knows your entire situation.God’s creation of nature is GOOD, but creation of you and me is VERY GOOD in the view of God   hence we are the image of His own.

Who are the father and mother of ADAM and Eve?It is the GOD Himself. The almighty God is our own father no doubt.

To prove it JESUS also explain in many way throughout his life from his birth and  his twelve years explanation to their parents until  the cross through many way and with many explanation .

 Be courage. May the Father ALMIGHTY BLESS US FOREVER!



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