God’s two covenants

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Two sons born of a father – became two great nations

The story which is very well known by all of us it is the story of Abraham and his sons. As the bible says Abraham – father of faith bore two sons. Bible says in Galatians 4: 21-31, Abraham had two sons born from two of his wives. The scripture says that these two wives of Abraham serve as an illustration of God’s two covenants.

Hagar – Present city of Jerusalem

Here as the bible says the first covenant as Hagar – slave wife of Abraham. In Arabia Hagar means – Mount Sinai. This is the place where the people first became enslaved to the law. It is the place where Ten Commandments were given to Moses. Jerusalem is just like Mount Sinai in Arabia, this Jerusalem referred here depicts the present city of Jerusalem. As we all are aware that even today we hear lot of alerts on war. Moreover people are under the slavery still now. Isn’t it really true still now, the situation has not improved, it has been prolonging since long time.

Sarah – Heavenly Jerusalem

Similarly here the scripture quotes, Sarah as the heavenly Jerusalem, the Jerusalem that is above which is free (does not bound to slavery), she is our mother. Although she (Sarah) was barren, she was blessed as the scripture says in Galatians 4:27
“Rejoice, O childless woman,
Break forth into loud and joyful song,
Even though you never gave birth to a child.
For the woman who could not bear any children
Now has more than all the other women!”

Take away from the above scripture portion

Further to confirm the promise made by the Lord God Almighty to Abraham and Sarah, God gave them Isaac – the child of promise. But, whereas Ishmael was born in an ordinary way, he is the son of the slave-wife. The son of the slave-wife was persecuted by the promised child, similarly we (the children of the Holy Spirit) are persecuted by the children of slavery (the children who are bound to satan). It is very essential in today’s world to hold on to God very tightly. As the Scripture says in Galatians 4:30,

“Get rid of the slave and her son, for the son of the slave woman will not share the family inheritance with the free woman’s son”.

So dear brothers and sisters, we by our great weapon ‘Faith’ can be acceptable before God and get rid of all that comes from the children bound to slavery. Let us further meditate on this verse and may the Lord God Almighty help you to understand on this. May the Holy Spirit lead you all through your life.

God bless you all.
In Christ,
Sis. Angelo Mary
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