Author: Voice Of God Ministry

Bro David Samuel is the founder of Voice of God ministries, who resides in Trichy – Tamil Nadu, India. He is the elder son of Mr. David and Janaki Elizabeth, Tanjore. Mr. David was a catechist in Tamil Evangelical Lutheran Church and served the Lord till the end of his days. God chooses David Samuel at the age of ten for his Holy Ministries.

He is a Contemporary Christian Recording Artist, music composer and song writer, desires to lead God seeking generations into God’s presence and to have a deep and intimate relationship with Christ through music and with all their talents and resources. He is anointed with a consuming passion for Christ, for restoring the intimacy of this generation with Christ; for building the spotless Church of this generation and further to it God has given a special gift on writing and composing many new songs.

By the Grace of God, he has produced more than five hundred songs. During his younger days he had written songs for a film named Kavi Barathi Padagan, but God called him back for his glory.

Bro David Samuel studied Electrical Engineering from NIT, Bharathi Dashan University at Trichy. He is a silent worker of God. He has produced three albums of Tamil Christian Songs, which are named as Ratchagarin Ratchippin Geethangal, you can freely download all of them from our Songs page. The songs which are given to free download is for demo purpose only, so kindly purchase them to get the best quality.

With the glory of God, we have recently built a Audio Recording studio and a small church for our ministries. As a passionate Christians we would like to spread the Gospel to all over India.