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For any real true Christian Cinema or serial is merely waste and really worst sin. First of all they were not real husband and wife, Secondly, if they were real husband they never move so in public which almost destroyed young youth in abnormal way, Can you see any Cinema or serial with Jesus nearby? Can you admire any half dress duet? Can you admit your partner to move with other? Can your Jesus ask to repeat the seen again? Can you have a conversation on it with Jesus alone .

Can your Jesus produce a film or direct a film .All are ammbak Can you make a farad bill with Jesus even for his ministry? For anything ask this question, Holy Spirit will lead you. What a fool Christian.

Please repent. ADDAM KALIYADAM ELLAM PESANSIN DUUDHU..if your children refuse to give remote to you please go to your personal room and cry and pray to the LORD Almighty for your children . If it is possible along with your children with your family with tears..

We never admit our child with a passion bottle. Jesus wept for their followers. Is the only right way dear… God will save your family

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